Italian/Belgian disco lord Aeroplane has a brand new track for us today. It’s called ‘Body’ and it features vocals from Belgian singer Yves Paquet, layered against Aeroplane’s fun, summery, disco-dance grooves to create a kind of Caribbean-esque feel – kinda makes me want to start up a Conga-Line!

“Body started when Yves got in touch with me, wondering if we could work togheter,” explains Vito. “He had sent me a few bits to showcase his voice and songwriting ability, one of them was Body. The vocal has a classic quality to it that got stuck in my head instantly. Within a few days, with some little tweaks, we had a song!” – Aeroplane

Stream / Buy via: Eskimo Recordings
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram


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