Aiobhan and Dutch artist Dan Soleil have combined forces for an enlightening collaboration that’ll warm your heart titled ‘On Repeat’, a gentle and bright offering filled with breezy melodies and vibrant instrumentation that intertwine with one another so easily.

‘On Repeat’ travels in a calming yet uplifting manner, with a subtle groove held in the foundations of the soundscape that are utilised as building blocks for the remainder of the instrumentation to launch from. Whether that be the warm pads and synths providing plenty of depth in production, or those laid-back vocals that move through the mix so lightly, ‘On Repeat’ leaves no stone unturned and as its name suggests will be on repeat for a significant period of time.

“‘On Repeat’ is all about melodies and emotion. It’s a record that makes me feel nostalgic and revisit my early days getting into music, the golden era of dance music with big acts like Avicii and the Swedish House Mafia. It’s a shout-out to the music I love and shows who I am.” – Aiobhan

out now via: bitbird
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