LA-based producer OddKidOut, Angrybaby, and Nina Sung have combined forces for an exhilarating yet atmospheric offering titled ‘COME BACK HOME’, a gentle yet uplifting journey filled with captivating production and vocals that’ll leave you hooked immediately.

Centred around deepened beats and luscious pads and synths, ‘COME BACK HOME’ provides the most enlightening soundscape we’ve come across in some time that allows the luscious vocals the launchpad they deserve, and once all intertwined in the chorus we are met with an explosion of vibrancy and uplift.

“A few months ago, I drove down the PCH with no music on in my car; I soaked in my surroundings and when I got back to my house, I tried to bottle up those feelings I felt…out came ‘COME BACK HOME.’ As an artist, I try my best to make music that is true to how I feel, and I try to replicate my experiences in the most genuine way possible. Sometimes, that leads to art that is dark—in this case, it leads to art on the lighter side. With Nina’s vocals, I felt like the message of what I was trying to convey in the music came to the forefront. And with Angrybaby’s co-production, we all really hammered the nail on the head!” – OddKidOut

out now via: Lost In Dreams
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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