Manila Killa and Luxtides have combined forces to start your week off in a thumping and emphatic manner through their collaborative effort titled ‘Slow Down’, a commanding offering filled with soaring electronic instrumentation that sends an anthemic sensation through your speakers.

‘Slow Down’ centres itself in your memory immediately from the word go through the hypnotic elements on offer in the soundscape, whether that be through the driving percussion bubbling away in the backdrop, or the rising synth production that breaks through the mix and works in tandem with Luxtides‘ utterly stunning vocals that float angelically across the top. By providing elements of power and reprieve through the mesmerising near three-minute duration, Manila Killa and Luxtides leave listeners on the edge of their seat begging for more.

“The song started as an idea for something I wanted to play during my new years set but like,,, it didn’t bang the way I wanted it to haha. Spent some time at the beginning of the year figuring out what it needed then Lux had these siiiick vocals and everything came together. I fkn love big room prog house so I asked my 15 year old self what he would’ve done, and here we are now…” – Manila Killa

out now via: Kitsch FM
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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