Just a few weeks back Joe Goddard gave us a great new track called “New World (Flow) (feat. Fiorious)” (which we’ve also put below for you to check out), and this week Joe has announced he will be giving us a shiny new album in July titled “Harmonics”.

That news also comes with another album-teaser, this one is called ‘Moments Die’ and it features Barrie helping out on vocal duties, as well as starring in the Nathan Castiel directed music video. 

“This album was a collaboration with so many wonderful people and I appreciate their time and effort so much. It contains musical contributions ranging from drums to saxophone to thumb piano from my dear friends Iggor Cavalera, Al Doyle, James Crump, Adem Ilhan, Alexis Taylor, Owen Clarke, Ibibio sound Machine, Tom McFarland, Alabaster DePlume, Gerry Arling and Falle Nioke. And vocals from Fiorious, Barrie, Hayden Thorpe, Findia, Tom McFarland, Oranj, Falle Nioke and Alexis Taylor. My children also feature briefly as I recorded some vocals during lockdown and you can hear them squawking and eating spaghetti in the background.” ~ Joe Goddard

out now via: Domino Recording Co
artist connect: https://linktr.ee/JoeGoddard

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