Okay so we’re a bit slow on this one but it has been a busy week and better late than never right?! 

Last Friday Empire Of The Sun dropped a brand-new single called ‘Changes’ which also came with a very cool Michael Maxxis directed music video, and I gotta say this one is dishing out some nice feels. It’s also said to be the first taste of a whole new album that Empire Of The Sun have in the works, their first in eight-years! 

“Changes represents the shifting sands of time, empires rise and fall but the sun shall shine on. Come once more into the world we’ve created, delve deeper within and be rewarded with its ever-expanding story, each and every one is invited to explore the new era.” ~ Nick Littlemore

“Changes was a breakthrough track for us. It felt like the moment of clarity when it became evident [that] we were in the new era, our time of rebirth, the next chapter of Empire.” ~ Luke Steele

out now via: EMI Music Australia
artist connect: https://empireofthesun.co

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