Following on from his recent release ‘Running’ earlier this year, UK newcomer Drive To Tears continues to impress with yet another gem in the form of new single ‘Nothing’, a cross-genre delight filled with a mix of ambience and groove that will get your feet tapping instantly to the addictive nature on offer.

‘Nothing’ balances the tightrope of the energy levels throughout its duration, with moments of reprieve and space to bask within, with a mix of keys and pads setting those tones in tact amongst the laid-back vocals right before the percussion makes its presence known and raises the intensity of the production to a thumping and driving level that truly takes flight.

‘I deliberately chose a raw and distorted sound for this track because, in my opinion, they perfectly illustrate the life situations when you feel powerless. All my lyrics in the songs are also about such moments, when you can only be an observer in your life and create an illusion of normalcy for yourself.’ – Drive To Tears

out now via: Let’s take A Ride
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