Austin, Texas born, LA based artist DLG. continues to amaze us with his cross-genre brilliance through a brand new EP ‘CHARACTERS’, a luscious blend of captivating instrumentation and soaring melodies that provides listeners with the perfect accompaniment for any weekend drive up the coast. 

Featuring previous singles ‘KUNG FU’, ‘OVER MY HEAD’, ‘STRANGERS’, ‘DIVE IN’ and ‘NO SLACK ‘ (feat. Healy), ‘CHARACTERS’ continues the vibrancy on display that its predecessors set in stone and takes things into a lively soundscape full of crunchy grooves and warming guitars that set the scene for some of the most laid-back and breezy melodies going around.

“CHARACTERS is about the people I’ve met since living in LA. This city is a strange backdrop, with an even stranger cast of characters; some benevolent, some terrifying, most somewhere in between. Everyone here has a motive, and everyone wears a mask. I’ve spent a while learning how I fit in among the characters of this town, choosing which mask I wear, and finding which motives really drive me.” – DLG.

out now via: 10K Projects
artist connect: Instagram | TikTok | YouTube 

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