Masked producer camoufly has just dropped his third single of the year and it is full of high energy and bounce. It’s called “beggin’ u 2” and it has him sampling Sudanese jazz giant Kamal Keila‘s vocals, paying homage to the original and what it stands for with his unique dance-driven beats, stabby synths and dynamic atmospherics.  

“I first heard the original song “Shmasha” by Kamal Keila while deep diving into the Habib i Funk catalog – which I highly recommend, there are some incredible gems there. The song is a hymn against the war in Sudan, and I love when an artist us es his voice and his music to carry such a strong message. It’s something that somehow got lost through the mud – especially in dance music, it seems like the mainstreams topped caring about using music to speak against injustice – even though wars , like in this case, haven’t stopped at all. I wanted to honor the original song with something equally vivid and straight forward, and I hope I did it justice with my own interpolation.” ~ camoufly

out now via: kawaii bounce
artist connect:

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