US duo Banyan continue their trend of yet another impressive single in 2024 with their brand new single ‘Every Dawn’, an emotionally-fuelled offering filled with stirring instrumentation that’ll hit you right in the feels.

Beginning in an atmospheric manner, ‘Every Dawn’ invites us into an ambient world filled with light synths and pads setting the tone amongst the drum and bass styled percussion allowing for a subtle groove to be present within. Banyan add plenty of polish and crisp production within ‘Every Dawn’, with captivating melodies scattered across the top of the mix which alongside the enlightening instrumentation really showcases the raw emotion held within the core of the messaging.

“‘Every Dawn’ was written with our friend Bailey and has remained a really special song to both of us since its conception. We worked closely with Bailey throughout the writing process to make sure the record flowed how we envisioned and what we landed on felt special immediately. The lyrics take the listener on a journey from darkness into light and dive into the power of love and connection. The line “Every Dawn, you change it all…” can be interpreted as speaking about one’s relationship with a significant other, higher power, or really anyone in life who’s loving presence moves us deeply, inspires us, and allows us to grow and persevere through hard times. We put a lot of care into the intricacy of this production and the emotional journey this song takes you on and we really hope you enjoy the listen :)” – Banyan

out now via: Lilly Era
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram 

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