sumthin sumthin continues to provide listeners with some of the most exciting cross-genre offerings going around with the release of a new single titled ‘When I’m Gone’, a track that marks his debut with bitbird and packs in plenty of energy and drive within its three minute duration.

‘When I’m Gone’ provides plenty of energy and emotion in both the vocals and instrumentation provided, which is evident within the emotionally fuelled melodies intertwining with the blistering synths and bass on offer that strikes through the mix in a passionate manner and is further accentuated by the powerful drum and bass styled percussion. When all of these elements are combined, we are met with a pristine production base that really tugs at your heartstrings with its raw emotion on display across all facets.

“This track is about codependency and breaking free from the binds of someone you rely on for emotional stability. The lyrics say ‘you’ll need somebody to please when I’m gone,’ stating an exit from a toxic codependent relationship, in which the other person will have to find someone new to latch onto. As the track moves along towards the climax, I’m attempting to encapsulate what it feels like to finally let go of something or someone that has been holding you back. It is a new beginning of sorts, allowing all of that built-up emotion to finally release itself.” – sumthin sumthin

out now via: bitbird
artist connect: Instagram | X | Spotify | Apple Music | SoundCloud

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