Fresh off the recent release of ‘Meadowlark’, LA-based producer and vocalist Starya continues to mesmerise the masses with a thumping new single titled ‘Gradient’, a commanding display of futuristically-influenced electronica with plenty of groove and drive held within.

‘Gradient’ ensures punters are in for one hell of a journey through the captivating groove held in the core of the release, sending a euphoric sensation across the soundscape with its four to the floor pattern that is further elevated through the use of robust synth bass and captivating vocals that collectively send us all into a new dimension full of vigour and passion.

The most powerful thing in our galaxy – the sun – can change everything about how the world looks to us, so how awesome is it that the same thing can happen when someone special enters or leaves your life? I wanted to write a song about that parallel, and of course need it to be accompanied by the third most powerful thing – BASS!” Starya

out now via: Starya
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