There is so much great new music being released every week and it’s basically impossible to give all our favourites songs a solo feature, so we have a few series features in place to help share and support more of our discoveries (you can see them all listed in the right sidebar).  

Single Sessions is a place for some energetic and usually more dance/club-worthy treats, but it’s also a place where pretty much anything goes. Each week is curated to suit the vibe of the songs we’ve collected over the past week which makes each edition quite different and exciting!   

Now all you’ve gotta do is whack on your headphones, crank up the volume and lose yourself in the aural stimulations of this week’s Single Sessions.  

Kimyan Law – Facade (feat. SISKA)

AObeats – ‘Crater’

Bobby Flava – ‘Phobia’

Hot Tub – ‘We Move In Time’

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