Perth/Boorloo-based indie pop artist RHY has the perfect tune to get your weekend started on an upbeat and positive manner with his brand new single ‘Thai Milk Tea’, a lively and uplifting offering filled with vibrant instrumentation and soaring melodies that has a lovely summer feel to its soundscape.

‘Thai Milk Tea’ sets itself apart with its minimalistic approach to its mix, with a central focus on crunchy percussion and buzzing guitars that set plenty of room for RHY‘s captivating vocals which command your attention with their playful manipulation in the melodic approach and play off against the strumming guitars to add plenty of character to this energetic soundscape.

“My songs rarely begin with lyrics, but I found myself singing the first line of the chorus to myself a while before I nailed down the musical elements, which set the stage for probably my most lyrically-driven song. I wanted to capture the feeling of a fresh relationship during the phase of dating where everything is new and exciting, like a sweet drink that you can’t put down. Of course I still feel the same way about my now-wife, but it’s always fun to reminisce on those early months.” – RHY

out now via: RHY
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