With the highly-anticipated release of his forthcoming ‘Amber’ EP only a matter of weeks away, New Zealand-based producer Late June continues to provide us enlightening glimpses of what’s in store with a brand new single titled ‘11:11pm’.

Delving down to his more trademark chilled electronic roots, ‘11:11pm’ slows things down with a gentleness in its approach with a bright soundscape filled with wonder all while inserting a touch of groove in the foundations to give listeners the ultimate podium for tranquility and uplift.

“11:11pm is about the euphoric feeling of small glimpses of isolation late at night. As the second to last track in the LP, the story starts to unfold into a much more emotionally cohesive and sentimental pace making parallels to the end of the night and the beginning of a new day.” – Late June

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out now via: Believe
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