Multidisciplinary artist and musician Otis Mensah continues to charm audiences across the globe with his brand of textural soundscapes with the long awaited release of ‘WINTERSKIN’, a seven track album that delves into an interpersonal journey filled with stunning soundscapes and captivating vocals that will be a repeated listen for a long time.

Each individual offering within ‘WINTERSKIN’ showcases an individualistic and gentle approach with each of the soundscapes compiled, utilising a captivating range of instrumentation to break down the walls between artist and listener and truly open up to strike a chord with all within their path.

“WINTERSKIN is a 7-song album that reaches deep down into the corners of our introspection, drawing a compelling parallel between our mental lives and the delicate and fragile nature of our skin both in its gleaming and bruising. The sonic landscape weaves together unconventional texture, dissonant harmony and intricate rhythm schemes to create an abstract and avant-garde soundscape.” – Otis Mensah

out now via: Lekker Collective 
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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