LA-based producer and visual artist juuku returns in quick succession with an emotive new single titled ‘ripple’, a bass heavy release filled with very heartfelt vocals from grandpa julie that melds perfectly into the darker tone of the overall feel of the track. 

‘ripple’ balances the tightrope between emotion and angst perfectly, with moments of rawness from julie’s captivating vocals that shine incredibly bright with the isolation from the jam-packed mix whilst building into a release in the chorus sections whereby that bass and synth presence makes itself known and surges through with its driving nature.

“The label sent me a bunch of tracks to sift through, and I heard these insane grandpa jules vocals that resonated with me so much. For the past few years, I’ve felt I lost my light/happiness in the world, and I became so jaded in my day-to-day life—trying to chase something that I don’t even have a clear definition of. This song represents to me the need to let the ripples subside so I can clearly see what I’m here for” – juuku

out now via: Dim Mak
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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