Danish artist Snavs and DJ/artist/producer John Alto have combined their talents for a thumping collaboration filled with intensity and drive in ‘Headlights’, a club-ready offering that evokes images of main stages at a music festival and the crowd fully immersing themselves within the brilliance on offer.

Utilising a darkened electronic influence, ‘Headlights’ packs in plenty of strength and depth within its soundscape that ensures the perfect lauchpad for all punters to get amongst. With a plethora of synths and bass intertwined with one another, ‘Headlights’ sets up an emphatic wall of sound amongst the deepened beats that smashed through your speakers with a no holds barred approach all while the gentle vocals soar atop the mix to provide a welcomed contrast to the jam-packed production.

“The track was inspired by the blending of two different music styles, with the heavier bass line and club rhythm, with the euphoric atmosphere with grand and epic melodies, perfect for anthems and large stages. The vocals play a massive part in the completion of the track, with some ear-catching lyrics that are great to sing along to. The song is about a relationship, metaphorically explained through driving at night.” – Snavs & John Alto

out now via: DIM MAK
Snavs: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Spotify
John Alto: Instagram | Spotify

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