This week US producer warner case is excited to be launching a new artist-focused label called Top Right Records, and its debut release is his own brand-new single ‘unbound promise’, which is a powerful and commanding dance release filled with a captivating groove and strong instrumentation that ensures a good time is to be had by all listening.

‘unbound promise’ lures you in immediately with its quirkiness held within the uptempo groove and laid-back vocals setting the tone right before the synth bass makes its presence felt and quickly cements itself as a key player in the midst of things. The release takes full flight in the chorus, with that hypnotising combination of the synth bass playing off the uplifting percussion resulting in the ultimate podium to lose yourselves within the moment on offer.

“I’ve had great experiences with many labels made of hard-working people. But often, the most interesting, powerful music my friends and i make doesn’t fit into a clearly-defined genre, and therefore gets left behind, unsigned and unheard. I founded Top Right Records to create a home for those genreless dance gems, so they could be loved by a billion, or even just one. The audience deserves more than what fits into a box.” ~ warner case, artist & founder

out now via: Top Right Records
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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