Maddy O’Neal & Sofasound are individually making their mark on the electronic music scene of late with some seriously impressive releases, and now the two have combined forces for a glitchy and surging collaboration titled ‘Free Yourself’, a cross-genre bender delivering a quirky soundscape whilst ensuring plenty of groove to go around.

‘Free Yourself’ showcases itself in an off-kilter manner, with various synths and samples scattered all across the mix to truly keep listeners guessing at what’s to come next. All whilst this sense of suspense is coming through the electrifying soundscape, the groove is maintained in tact with a uptempo percussion allowing a platform for moving and grooving which in turn plays off of the buoyancy on offer.

“Free Yourself” is the first of three singles leading into the Mind Over Matter EP. The track offers our unique perspective on the UK garage style, while introducing the EP’s central theme: a freedom of mentality” – Maddy O’Neal

out now via: Maddy O’Neal
Maddy O’Neal: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Sofasound: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook

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