Eora-based artist and producer Big Skeez continues to impress each and every time we hear from him, and in the case of his new single ‘Go Back Home’ the bar has never been higher with a chord-striking narrative about returning to his roots all through a deepened yet commanding soundscape.

Leading us in with the swirling guitars and powerful percussion, ‘Go Back Home’ leaves plenty of room in the mix for those emotionally-fuelled melodies which sees Skeez open up to his listeners in a very personal and relatable manner. With these buoyant melodies playing off of the booming foundations, Big Skeez takes centre stage with the commanding narrative that leaves you in absolute awe.

This song is about going back home to the motherland which is Africa. After so many years living abroad and growing up into a man, I’ve decided I need to go back home and meet my family.” – Big Skeez

out now: NLV Records
artist connect: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Soundcloud

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