New Zealand artist Late June continues to mark his name in the global electronic music scene with the first of many singles this year in ‘Meet Me By The Ocean’, a progressive deep-house/electronic track that marks his first independent release with Believe.

‘Meet Me By The Ocean’ signifies a shift toward deep-house influence while retaining the signature chilled/electronic style that fans adore. Centred around those robust synths and deepened beats, Late June gives listeners the ultimate podium for both tranquillity and movement, with this release being the perfect accompaniment to the clubs and relaxation at the same time.

“Meet Me By The Ocean is a lush deep house/tech track I wrote about dealing with my own feelings with escapism and depression. Heavily inspired by 2010s progressive house, I wanted the crescendo of the composition to be nostalgic and powerful.” – Late June

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out now via: Believe
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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