Melbourne multi-instrumentalist Fractures continues his shift down a more electronically-minded route that we’ve come to experience over the last couple of years and take it to a whole new level with his latest album ‘Shift’, a ten-track release that showcases his ever-growing skillset with a pristine output under a thumping deep-house umbrella.

Featuring previous singles such as ‘Burnt’, ‘Do Nothing’, ‘Last’ and ‘Medium’, ‘Shift’ follows the lead of its predecessors and continues down a deeper electronic influence whilst maintaining some of the core elements that have made Fractures a force over the good part of a decade. Intertwining enthralling melodies with those trademark hazy vocals across the plethora of electronica on display, such as the uplifting beats and wide array of synth depth, Fractures provides listeners the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within each soundscape on offer – whether that is in the clubs or in a moment of needed tranquility.

“Shift represents change for me … Each song is the result of different individual influences, artists that overlapped with my sensibilities, and of me exploring different approaches to electronic music. The whole album represents the progress of that journey of learning that I’m still on.” – Fractures

Shift //Fractures

out now via: Fractures
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