Norwegian producers Pasha & Coucheron are teaming up for the second instalment in their “G.O.L” collaborative project, this week giving us the next taste of the upcoming album with new single ‘No Love’ which also has them partnering with Los Angeles artist Trip Carter for his mad vocal work. 

“For this and the last album. We went to a cabin in a place called GOL. We stayed there for a week and made a bunch of songs.  And just try everything. We never go there with a sound planned. Whatever happens there becomes the next project. It’s a perfect place to go and get away from it all.

The project is called. G.O.L 2 this time it’s personal. We made the first one right at the start of covid. So this time around we were pissed and wanted the festival’s we had planned back. The challenge has been to work through the writer’s block and kinda force ourselves through this. For the songs like no love and my friends. I think we made around 8 versions for each song. Kinda run ourselves a little mad.  But at least we’re kinda satisfied.” ~ Pasha & Coucheron

Pasha: Facebook | Instagram | Soundcloud
Coucheron: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Trip Carter: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

out now via: Toothfairy

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