NYC artist ILTON has a new single for us this week called ‘GO!’ which is a great little indie-raver tune that is really fun to turn up loud and have a little mosh-out to.

As ILTON reveals below it is a song about enjoying the all the good things in life, even when they might not be the best thing for you. You’ve just gotta GO for it and that’s a motto I think we should all be living by! 

“My friend Emmett Kai, sent me a demo of the song and I probably played it 100 times in a row. When I got in the studio I knew exactly where I wanted to take it. It was one take on the vocals and we made the song in one sitting and a lot of coffee. The lyrics really are about letting yourself enjoy the wild things in life even if they are not good for you. We only live once, letting go and not overthinking things is so freeing. Experiencing the whole spectrum is very fulfilling. At 143 BPM it felt like the right message for the vibe of the song.” ~ ILTON

out now via: UNISEX Records
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | SoundcloudInstagram

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