I listen to so many submissions every day of the week and sometimes it starts to feel like everything is just sounding the same until BAM!, you get this one song that outshines everything else you’ve heard that day and it’s right then when I remember that this is exactly why I do what I do. 

Australian newcomer JAKKA only has a few releases under his belt so far and he’s got a new one to share with us this week called ‘High On The Run’ which is my BAM! track today. I really love the atmospherics on this one, the production is exceptional and those vocals are extremely alluring and euphoric. Very nice work JAKKA! 

“I looove High On The Run. This one came about just before the end of a session working on another track. After about four hours, the vocalist and myself had some cool ideas but nothing to write home about. Just before we packed up, we recorded a quick first verse on this random beat and High On The Run was born – we loved it and everyone in the room loved it instantly. The tone of the track is pretty moody but also euphoric and I hope all the listeners can take that combined energy with them.” ~ Jakka

out now via: TMRW Music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram

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