French-American artist Houis (pronounced “weece”) has a beautifully blissful treat for us this week called ‘Fenêtre’ which is going to give you all kinds of warm & fuzzies with its comforting atmospheric soundscape. 

‘Fenêtre’ will be seen on his upcoming debut album “Outgrown” which is being released very soon via Berlin based label Lekker Collective, and as Houis reveals below, it’s also one of his favourites from the album…

“Fenêtre’ was one of the last songs I finished making on the album, and is definitely one of my favorites. Going into it, I tried merging elements from a few different genres. The base is classic lofi, with a hip hop beat, saxophone riff, and an overall repetitive nature. I also tried adding some more downtempo styled sounds, like the fluttering synths and ambient drones.” ~ Houis

out now via: Lekker Collective
artist connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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