French electronic duo il:lo have an epic atmospheric house treat for us this week called ‘Shifted’ which features the haunting vocal sounds of Australian artist Fractures, and it is certainly hitting a few of my sweet spots. 

As they reveal below, this is in-fact the first time il:lo have collaborated with a vocalist but the way they’ve captured the essence of Fractures’ emotion with their melodic house beats and percussive production techniques is impressive to say the least – more of this please guys! 

“This track marks our first collaboration with a singer. When Fractures sent us his lyrics, we wanted to highlight what he was singing about, an emotional instability that ends up being accentuated, shifted. Thus, his voice is accompanied by a rise in instrumental tension to lead to a more heavy and percussive radical change“. – il:lo

out now via: Nettwerk Music Group
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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