After giving us a few singles over the last couple of months and teasing their upcoming album, Los Angeles duo Phantoms have finally delivered their second album “This Can’t Be Everything”, and it was most definitely worth the wait. 

“This Can’t Be Everything” is a very generous 13-track collection of their infectious indie-dance sound and style, and as the guys reveal below it was written during the pandemic and has a strong yearning to find more in life. 

“‘This Can’t Be Everything’ is such a personal album for us. We knew that we wanted to make another body of work larger than an EP or a single, and were so lucky to have Foreign Family let us see our vision through. Much of it was written while we were stuck at home during quarantine, a bit unsure of the future. I feel like there’s a lot of yearning in this album because of that – yearning to find more in life. Now as we’re getting back out there and seeing people singing these songs when we play them live it feels so surreal. We can’t wait for everyone to get the full context of the music when they listen to the album as a whole. It’s probably our favourite music we’ve made and we couldn’t be more proud.

We’ve known the Odesza boys for close to five years now. We originally met while on tour with Big Wild and instantly became friends. But beyond our friendship, they’ve always given us such amazing guidance musically, always pushing us to do what we wanted. Then when we had some of the demos for this album sitting around, we sent it over and they loved them. It seemed like the perfect time to finally become a part of Foreign Family.” ~ Phantoms

out now via: Foreign Family
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