Manila Killa continues to prove he’s well and truly at the top of his game at the moment with another astonishing single in ‘Dusk’ which features the mesmerising vocals of LIGHTS that also acts as the title track for his recently announced debut album that will drop on July 21st via Moving Castle.

‘Dusk’ evokes plenty of optimism and hope with its vibrant colour palate on display, mainly evident through the energising synths setting the tone amongst the lively beats that work in partnership with LIGHTS‘ playful melodies which shine brightly across the soundscape on offer. Manila Killa perfectly contrasts the intensity of the mix throughout the journey of ‘Dusk’, utilising the stunning pianos to provide a differing shade of colour right before bringing the energy right back to the captivating levels that the chorus allows for.

“Dusk is a song that I always imagined to be played on the road leaving the city heading towards the desert. I made sure to encapsulate that feeling through my production, and reaching out to Lights to lay down the vocals was the missing piece to complete the song. This one’s special to me because I looked up to Lights and listened to her well before I began my music production journey, so it feels like a full circle moment to have her on the song. I’m hoping people feel a type of yearning emotion when listening to it as that’s what I’ve felt throughout the journey of creating this song over the last year.” – Manila Killa

out now via: Moving Castle
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