After a few months of teasing Flume’s new album “Palaces” has finally arrived and it is every bit as good as I was expecting it to be. 

What can I say?…this guy is a genius when it comes to sound design and exploration, and while not every song on this album will appeal to everyone’s personal tastes, you can’t deny his innate skills at crafting these unique compositions and immaculate soundscapes. 

As per his usual style Flume has worked with a big cast of talented friends to help pull this album together including Oklou, MAY-A, Kučka, QUIET BISON, Laurel, Virgen María, Emma Louise, Caroline Polachek and Damon Albarn, and as he reveals below he is very proud of this one…

“Feels good man, really proud of how this one turned out, the music but also visually. Working with Jonathan Zawada on the art/concepts has been so rewarding, it feels like he’s as much part of Flume as I am at this point. Michael Hilly for working tirelessly and bringing a whole new aesthetic to the project. Eric Dubowsky for the XL mix downs. Thank you to all the musical collaborators, I feel lucky to be able to surround myself with such talented humans.” – Flume

out now via: Future Classic
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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