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Australian producer poolclvb is coming back to us this week with a new single called ‘Into Your Heart’ which might arguably be one of his most impressive releases to-date. For me the song’s pulsing beats, airy vocals and that beautifully hypnotic atmosphere sound like a heavenly mix between Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bonobo and Lane 8, and it sure is hitting all of my sweet spots.

“From the outset, I just wanted to make a straight up emotionally charged, heartfelt, love-affirming dance tune. Into Your Heart is the conceptualisation of this. I had access to Sonar studios in Sydney one weekend, a truly immersive playground for any producer. In one room Jono Ma mixing an album, in the other a composer scoring a Baz Luhrmann movie… the creative energy was palpable. We got asked to turn it down a little” – poolclvb

poolclvb also just announce a run of shows across Sydney, Brisbane and Gold Coast which will be kicking off this weekend at Glass Island, Sydney – see date/venue info below

out now via: etcetc music
artist connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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