Brooklyn-based singer, songwriter and producer Orion Sun produces a stunning blend of soul/R&B that’ll leave you in awe titled ‘Concrete’, a track that serves as an ode to her ancestors with some stirring lyricism combining with the laid-back instrumentation that bonds together for a easy-going groove which you’ll find yourself lost in immediately.

The centrepiece of ‘Concrete’ lies within Sun’s utterly captivating vocals that come through in a light and pleasant manner but delicately dance around the surrounding instrumentation to leave us listeners stunned in the raw beauty on display. These vocals are accentuated that little bit further from the charismatic blend of instrumentation comprised of a lounge-session styled groove in the percussion, luscious bass and moments of brilliance from the keys and horns throughout.

“When I think about the song ‘Concrete,’ there’s a lot that comes to mind. There are so many emotions that come to the surface when I respond to the thought train of all the moments that lead me to this point. The warm hands of my ancestors have guided me through such tough terrain. I am comforted by them and in turn, given the strength to keep going” – Orion Sun

Stream via: Mom+Pop
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