Two of the biggest names in the scene in electronic producer Chrome Sparks and songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Reo Cragun have just announced a huge collaborative EP ‘Void’ which will be released in December, and this week they’ve given us the first taste of what’s to come with ‘Blood’, a warm and inviting offering that serves as a nostalgic and reminiscent release.

‘Blood’ initiates with a glowing energy created from the comforting synths and lo-fi percussion setting the tone amongst Cragun’s laid back and smooth vocals. In this easy-going nature, Sparks subtly shifts the intensity with distorted effects that shake things up momentarily but quickly shifts back to the slow groove that is accentuated by that fresh bass line injecting a large amount of charisma into the spectrum.

“Reo is an enigma to me. He has so many layers. The first day we met, on my first writing trip to los angeles, we planted the seeds of two songs, one of which became ‘Blood’. I was in awe of his ability to instantaneously spin both blissful and heartbreaking moments from his life into verses and hooks. A few chords were all he needed” – Chrome Sparks

Stream via: Counter Records
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