Inspired by those classic romcoms we all love to immerse ourselves in, US artist Mini Sants delivers a bright and bubbly blend of electronic/pop titled ‘Romeo’, featuring the vocals of Los Angeles’ GESS for a loved up delight that you’ll simply adore – and we’re stoked to be able to bring you your first listen today!

‘Romeo’ evokes a sense of summer happiness with its glistening soundscape filled with warm synths and crystal-clear vocals that collectively shine extremely bright across the duration of the track. As those silky smooth vocals playfully make their way through the mix, Mini Sants ensures a considerable amount of groove is delivered with those crispy beats working in co-operation with the robust synth bass to inject a hefty amount of flavour throughout.

“Most of my best writing comes after I watch a lot of cinema. I don’t always conscientiously try to match the themes or narratives from the movies I watch, but over time I think those things naturally manifest into a particular work. I wrote Romeo after watching a lot of vintage love flicks. I wanted to create something light, bouncy, and innocent. Usually I would sample documentaries, movies, or weird vintage records for voice overs in place of where most artists would have vocals. However, on Romeo I wanted to work with a vocalist for a change and challenge myself to tell the story in that manner. After approaching GESS for vocals, he essentially nailed them in one take. He also did it with virtually no direction from me. It was honestly pretty surreal to have him connect with the track that way, and it almost gave me an extreme sense of validation that what I was going for actually resonated with other people.” – Mini Sants

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