Fresh off their collaboration ‘Depart’ a matter of months ago, London producer Manüka and Louis Patten continue to amaze us with another beautiful collaboration titled ‘Memories’, a quirky collection of a wide range of instrumentation and influence that results in a hefty amount of depth in production on offer.

Throughout the journey that is ‘Memories’, we are gifted with several gems to unpack that give the track the unconventional edge that sets it apart, whether that be the ‘jungle’ influence in the percussion, the mesmerising saxophone screeching away in the backdrop or the infectious groove created in the chorus that is accentuated further by those silky smooth vocals melting the hearts of all in their path. Both Louis Patten Manüka both bring their A-game in this collaboration with all the skills in the artillery on display for a truely global sounding release that will appeal to everyone.

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