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Washington producer Teddy Beats invites us into an alluring and glowing realm full of twists and turns at every corner through his brand new single ‘Take It Slow’, a swift journey full of deep house and elegance that sees Jolee Nikoal enchant us on the vocal front.

Teddy Beats chooses to take on what the title suggests and ‘Take It Slow’ in the early stages of the piece, leaning heavily on the organic instrumentation of divine pianos, playful acoustic guitar plucking and haunting vocal samples that set the spacious foundations in place for Nikoal’s lightened vocals to gently put us all at ease. 

When we arrive at the chorus, we are met with a shift in intensity through the deep house influence of robust synth bass and enforcing percussion that truly takes things up a notch. With plenty of groove on offer, Teddy Beats provides listeners with an energetic outburst of sound that gives the piece that necessary period of force that further exemplifies the passion that is hidden in the lyricism on offer.

Stream: Smash Deep
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