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When I first heard this new song from Kartell and Tim Atlas I honestly began to feel like I was a slinky, and yes that was a very good feeling. 

For starters Tim Atlas’ voice is just so smoooooth you feel like it’s going to slide right off, but then Kartel’s silky meandering production just holds it all in place and makes everything feel all gooey inside.  

“This very personal track was composed in just a few hours, it all came very naturally. It embodies a lot of nostalgia that I am constantly looking for in my music. This helps me to project these suspended moments that make the magic of a memory.” – Kartell

This song also belongs to a new ep called “Daybreak” which is also hitting the shelves today! 

Stream via: Roche Musique
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud
Photo Credit: Pierre Emmanuel Testard

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