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Oklahoma City’s Josh Fudge has a new single for us this week called ‘Hit My Line’ which is in-fact hitting a few of my sweet spots, and I’ve just discovered now that it’s also the fifth & final single off his debut album “Fun Times” which is also being released this week. 

I’ll probably get back to you with more on the album once I’ve given it a few spins but for now please enjoy the beautifully sweet and nostalgic sounds of ‘Hit My Line’. 

“I wrote this song whenever I was in a really anxious state in the aftermath of a messy breakup. It details how it feels to be falling out of love with someone but still wanting to talk to them and make things work. The song to me feels confident but unsure at the same time, with the instrumental being steady and groovy while the lyrics talk about second guessing yourself. The song was an absolute blast to record though.” – Josh Fudge

Stream via: 19th Street Records
Artist Connect: Soundcloud | Instagram

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