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We’ve got a nice and sombre offering just in time for your weekend consideration courtesy of Poolside‘s latest single in ‘I’m In Love With You’, a down-tempo and mellowed out release that features NEIL FRANCES that oozes a hefty amount of swagger throughout.

There is so much to love about the composition of ‘I’m In Love With You’, but what stands out the most is the laid back feeling that is injected into the core of the track. Through a fresh groove in the percussion, the swagger is maintained through the ultra-smooth bass and enlightening synths and guitars that play off the airy vocals in a strong fashion.

“Was such a great experience working in the studio with Neil Frances after knowing them for years. I’ve been a fan ever since we toured together and I saw them cover ‘Teardrops’ by Womack & Womack, which is one of my favorite songs. ‘I’m In Love With You’ is a bit out of the box for both of our projects, but it’s definitely us. We started out influenced by 1950’s doo-wop and our early memories writing music and the track took off from there.” – Poolside

Stream: Pacific Standard Records
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