This week Australian artist Akurei is coming back to us with a brand-new ep titled CLOVER, featuring three previously unheard gems CLOVER, BUTTERCUP and QUASIMODO, it is also the latest release for sumoclic records.

Akurei set himself a goal to release 3 x three-track eps this year and he is happy to be achieving that this week. With SEROTONIN and HAIRDYE still fresh in our minds (and our playlists) Akurei is thrilled to give us his final release of the year with CLOVER – which he feels might be the most exciting of the three, so if you’re already a fan of SEROTONIN and HAIRDYE, you’re probably going to be all over this one as well…

“CLOVER is the third EP I’m sharing in 2020 and it might be the most exciting of the three.

It’s been so exciting to start on an idea and see it through from its inception to its release within a few months. It’s not something I’ve ever been able to do before Max (Golden Vessel) and I started sumoclic.

I wrote CLOVER by myself earlier this year. COVID-19 restrictions had eased at this point, people were finally able to get together in groups and venues had opened in QLD, where I live. I was thinking about social anxiety, which most of us seem to experience from time to time, and specifically about those nights where you feel like you need to drink to feel comfortable.” – Akurei

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Stream via: sumoclic
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