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Australian three-piece Lucky Idiot is made up of Maxwell Byrne (aka Golden Vessel), Kalem Woo (aka Rei So La) and Rei Sakakibara (member of Sweater Curse). They gave us their debut single ‘Mud’ back in September which was a nice little introduction to their sound, style & vibe, and they’re coming back to us this week with four more songs, together making up their five-track debut ep, “Low Ceiling”.

“We started Lucky Idiot on a bit of a whim, just for fun. Because of all the time we had at home this year we took ideas that we’d thrown around over the summer and borrowed a Tascam tape machine and started recording. We wrote Low Ceiling over summer, sort of as a love letter to Brisbane. How the ceiling’s pretty low, there’s not always a lot going on here but it feels good.” – Maxwell Byrne  

Stream via: sumoclic
Artist Connect: Soundcloud 

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