Los Angeles artist Loveclub continues to grow under the umbrella of alternative/bedroom-pop with the release of his brand new six-track EP ‘Blue Boy’ that combines nostalgic electronic instrumentation with emotionally-fuelled lyricism delving into enjoying life in the moment.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Gold Fields, ‘Blue Boy’ sees Loveclub evoke a warmth in his instrumentation utilised throughout the duration of the release – whether that be from the inviting synths and pads or the crisp beats holding the backbone in tact. Throw on top those floating and majestic vocals that bask in the ambience of the mix and you are left with some very well produced alternative/pop that flows effortlessly. 

“I made Blue Boy in my Echo Park apartment over the last 2 years. It’s about sentimentality and learning to let go. The sort of elusive aim as I created Blue Boy was to capture moments just as they are. I wanted to have a collection of honest moments, sonically suspended in time, that pieced together as a narrative.” – Loveclub

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