London multi-instrumentalist & producer Marble Empire delivers an emphatic tale of falling back into unfavourable circumstances with a former lover with his relatable new single ‘Hold Me Up’ that provides plenty of indie/electronic influence to bask in.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of The Kite String Tangle and Ben Khan, ‘Hold Me Up’ centres itself on the flowing vocals of Empire that encompass a heavy amount of groove amongst the crisp trap beats and richness of the pianos. Manipulating the mix to blend the organic and electronic instrumentation with absolute ease, ‘Hold Me Up’ reaches its peak intensity once the vigorous synth enter the arena provide a welcomed spark of energy.

“When I broke up with my Ex, I couldn’t help myself going back to her for about a year after. I’m not sure what drove it, perhaps longing for familiarity or some kind of broken nostalgia. Either way despite disliking her so much I just couldn’t stop myself from going back and meeting up with her. I think a lot of people can relate to that. You get so caught up in the good memories that you have of each other you forget about the bad and question your decision. That’s what Hold Me Up is about.” – Marble Empire

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