After the much loved releases of ‘Way Back Down’ and ‘It’s Ok’ in 2019, Brisbane-based producer du0 wastes no time with the double single release of ‘Come Home’ and ‘Better Place’, which features Emily Coulston and CLOE TERARE respectively.

‘Come Home’ serves as an atmospheric and majestic offering full of breezy soundscapes and laid back momentum, mainly accentuated by Coulston’s airy tones that float above the carefree instrumentation compiled. This sensation continues further within ‘Better Place’, which continues a RUFUS DU SOL styled beats and bass combination that serves as a staple amongst the elegance manipulated with the atmospheric pads and stunning melodies from TERARE.

“All three of us (along with six other musicians) got invited to attend QMusic’s exclusive Songwriting Retreat, AMPLIFY, that took place over three days at Heliport Studios in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. We were rotated in groups of threes and had to come up with a song from scratch, then produce and record it in the 4 hours we were together. We did this five times over the three days and we were given a mentor in each session who helped us get this massive task.” – du0

Stream: du0
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