With news of a mammoth US tour on the horizon in 2020, Canadian producer Dabin returns in quite an emphatic manner with the release of his latest single ‘Holding On’ which features Lowell on vocals for a dreamy collaboration full of pristine electronic/pop production.

Beginning in a subtle yet haunting manner, ‘Holding On’ utilises the stunning vocals of Lowell which draw you in instantly whilst Dabin‘s production seeps in piece by piece amongst the elegant instrumentation compiled. Through the rising nature lathered upon the crystal clear harmonies, ‘Holding On’ reaches its full form once it drops and leaves you with a euphoric explosion of synths and bass full of buoyancy and colour.

Fans can catch Dabin on his upcoming ‘Into The World’ US tour which kicks off in March – check out the dates below and grab your tickets here.

Stream: Seeking Blue
Dabin: Facebook | Soundcloud | TwitterInstagram

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