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CatchTwentyTwo is a newcomer out of Florida who I’ve been keeping a close eye on over the last few months. He’s been steadily releasing some very cool and unique music that I’ve been really vibing, and each song has been getting better with each and every release as well.

He’s just dropped his sixth single ‘Solar Flare’ and I really think it is his best one so far. It has this super smooth electro/alt-pop groove that is so very easy to get into, and his vocals add that extra layer of nostalgic-R&B infectiousness to compliment the overall sound just perfectly.  

“In this piece I’m talking about situations we’ve all been through, but I wanted to say something almost “fox” like this time, my little brother said that about this song, for some reason, I dig it. I sing about feeling for a person that’s in an invested relationship and can’t break away from it, but… I know she wants me, she wants the fun, and I tell her. I convince her and bring her into my world. I tell her things “he” doesn’t tell her in this song.” – CatchTwentyTwo


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