With their acclaimed involvement at this year’s Groovin The Moo behind them, as well as ‘Flow’ reaching certified Gold status in Australia, Perth trio Crooked Colours have gone from strength to strength in recent times. With their household name status continuing to rise, the boys bring forth their highly anticipated second album ‘Langata’, a 10 track offering diving deep into the realms of electronic, indie, dance and pop that showcases both a depth in production and polish in their approach.

‘Langata’ begins in familiar territory with featured releases ‘I’ll Be There’ and ‘Do It Like You’ setting the foundations for rest of the album through their diverse instrumentation and eerie vocals enforcing an upbeat momentum which has become a staple of Crooked Colours’ sound over the years. From here, we are given an early highlight of the track listing in ‘Heart String’ that provides significant depth within its composition that needs some serious acknowledgement. Built around off kilter drumming combining with the contrasting nature between organic and electronic keys, Crooked Colours build the suspense within this offering steadily before exploding into a colourful chorus full of high energy.

Within ‘Lagata’ we are exposed to various shades of darkness and lightness in the soundscapes created by the trio. On the darker side of the palate, ‘I C Light’ evokes a brooding sensation courtesy of the cohesive blend of penetrating drums and rising bass, whilst recent single ‘Never Dance Alone’ (featuring Ladyhawke) utilises minimal instrumentation in the early stages before the striking synths take full flight with their vigorous approach. We are exposed to the lightness in moments such as the title track ‘Langata’ and the effortlessly charming ‘Lose Someone’, which is most notable in the delightful sounds created in the guitars that form a lushness in their manipulation.

In cases with many Australian acts, the second album can be a game changer for various reasons. In Crooked Colours‘ case, they’ve utilised this platform to elevate and differentiate their contextual sound to a wider audience. With significant polish lathered across the duration of the album, ‘Langata’ is a depth defying offering that is a real treat for your ears.

Rating: (★★★★)

Fans can still grab tickets to Crooked Colours‘ remaining Australian/New Zealand tour here.

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