Following on from his collective 1.1 million streams on Spotify, and debuting at #1 in the Australian Hip Hop chart, Northern Territory teenager Vic August keeps going from strength to strength with the release of his latest ‘Truths’ EP that showcases significant depth within this young career that we are lucky to be witnessing!

Included in this EP are recent smash hits ‘Bandit’ (featuring Figuero Jones), ‘Withdrawals’ and ‘Wire Tap’, whilst building on these with a strong foundation of crisp beats & charismatic vocal offerings in the remaining track listing.  

“’Truths’ was the first time I set out to create a project with no title for the body in mind. I recorded around 40 tracks and ended up cutting them down to 16, then cutting those down to 7, with the remaining 9 to be put on a free mixtape supporting the main project. ‘Truths’ as a song stood out to me the most, and it felt like the right title for the EP. Being honest and open is what I base my music on, regardless of how sweet or sour my realities are.” – Vic August.

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