Aww yeah! Toro y Moi has dropped his new album today and it is every bit as awesome as I knew it would be.

It’s called ‘Outer Peace’ and it offers up a 10-track collection of some damn fine electro-funk grooves that are sure to get you feeling all kinds of sexy things. There are a few guests on this one including ABRA, Wet and Instuendo, and I know it’s only January but I reckon this one is going to come close to being one of the best releases of 2019.

“I think “outer peace,” for me, it sounds like… It plays into the playlist culture a little bit. A lot of the songs are really short and I found myself becoming musically A.D.D. I wanted to fit something that I would just listen to or make something that would fit into what I’m listening to. I really don’t listen to long songs that much at the moment. I enjoy them but I don’t know—I’m definitely into short songs right now. It feels like it has this collage-y, digital, futuristic vibe.” – Toro y Moi (via Complex)

North American fans can catch Toro y Moi around the country right now as he takes his new album to all of you, so check out the dates below and then click here for ticketing info  

Stream / Buy: Mistletone
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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